2021-11-08 LibreOffice 7.1.7 Available

2021-11-08 LibreOffice 7.1.7 Available

LibreOffice 7.1.7 is available for anyone on the workstation or server-gui channels. It will automatically be updated when autoupdate is run. This is a major version update. You can manually upgrade using the autoupdate utility.

Libreoffice 7.2 is currently automatically installed using the GUI installation tool from the jcchome-menu.

To manually install this version, you can also run the following:

sudo apt remove libreoffice7.2* libobasis7.2* -y

sudo apt install libreoffice7.1* libobasis7.1-* -y

You will need sudo or root access. Run the first line if you already have LibreOffice 7.2 installed and want to change to the stable channel.

These are the packages directly from the Document Foundation.