2021-05-26 OpenZFS General Availability

The menu configuration tool now supports installing OpenZFS to the latest Debian testing version, automatically. The tool will install the prerequisites, including the appropriate kernel headers. ZFS will build via DKMS and will install the modules for starting on boot.


The installer will not install if you are currently running and have installed the latest stable kernel. OpenZFS requires the LTS kernel to be used. This is because with the latest stable kernel, OpenZFS often won’t compile properly and in the past has taken anywhere from one week to several months to become compatible with the latest kernels.

LTS Release

We have LTS versions of the installer that will automatically start you on the Longterm Support Kernel Release from the start. In this case, all you have to do is install OpenZFS. These are scheduled to become available starting next week.

Currently, to install the LTS kernel, follow this procedure at a terminal:

# sudo apt-get install linux-image-5.10.40-amd64-vanilla -y

This will install the LTS kernel. 5.10.40 is the latest as of this writing.

You then must reboot and choose Advanced-> Linux 5.10.40-amd64-vanilla

Login again after boot and type the following:

# sudo apt-get remove linux-image-5.11* linux-headers-5.11* linux-image-5.12* linux-headers-5.12* -y

This will remove all of the current stable kernels . ONLY DO THIS AFTER YOU HAVE BOOTED INTO LINUX USING 5.10!

if you type: ls /boot you will only see the files for the LTS kernel, such as config-5.10.40.

Now open the config menu and install OpenZFS.