20210428 Release Alpha amd64

2021-04-28 – Alpha release 20210428 for bios and EFI (No Secure Boot) AMD64

  • Contains the 5.12 Mainline Kernel Tree by default
  • Can move to 5.11 Stable Kernel Tree or 5.10 Longterm Kernel Tree
  • LAMP-Server Auto Install
  • Docker Auto Install/Uninstall
  • KVM-QEMU Auto Install and backup/restore tools
  • Workstation Installer – GNOME, LXDE, and/or Cinnamon
  • Filesystem Auto-Resize (For root btrfs)
  • zram on by default
  • Automatic Wireguard Installation
  • Automatic updates
  • Network-Manager (nmcli AND nmtui)
  • Easily add Admin users with sudo access

LAMP-Server Auto Installer

  • Configured for Apache 2.4, using Mariadb-Server and php7.4.
  • Mariadb-Server auto configured with root password in /root/.my.cnf file
  • php7.4 installed with all available extensions in fastcgi mode, not using mod-php
  • memcached
  • apcu
  • opcache
  • redis-server
  • Apache 2.4 using mod-ssl mod-rewrite mod-fastcgi mpm_worker mod-deflate and others
  • .htaccess files work out of the box


  • kvm-backup tool to make automated backups simple. Supports live and offline mode using zstd compression
  • uses sha256 hash for backup health verification
  • Easy to automate with cron
  • kvm-restore tool to make restoring simple. Automatically checks sha256 hash before restoring


  • Latest Docker-CE version available
  • Supports docker-ce automatic update using autoupdate tool
  • several preconfigured container scripts to create, delete, and automatically update containers:
  • portainer-ce (For Web based Management)
  • pihole
  • dnsmasq (Self Created using dockerfile to stay up to date)
  • wireguard
  • gitlab-ee
  • registry server

Workstation Installer

  • Automatically install Gnome, LXDE, and/or Cinnamon from the base menu
  • Install Web-browsers easily
  • Firefox (non-ESR, performs much better than ESR)
  • Brave
  • Vivaldi
  • Latest LibreOffice-Fresh Version

Filesystem Auto-Resize

  • Automatically resize the root partition to use entire drive.
  • Can be called from base menu tool
  • No need to reboot

zram enabled by default

Set at 50% by default. Can easily by changed by editing /etc/default/zramswap. Can use PERCENT= or SIZE= Just issue systemctl restart zramswap to enact changes.


Can easily install wireguard. Supports DNS changes by default. Invoke using sudo wg-quick up <configuration name>