Introduction to JCCHOME Linux

My name is Jason Marshall and I’m creating JCCHOME Linux to be an easy to manage and super up-to-date installation.

JCCHOME Linux is based on Debian Testing with several things working on top. Eventually there should be two base versions:

Server – This will contain easy to use tools to setup and configure common rolls for SMB’s and home office businesses.

  • Centralized Server Management Tool – easily manage server rolls such as Docker-CE installation, Active Directory configuration with Samba, KVM, DNS, etc.
  • Samba based file server
  • Samba based Active Directory Server
  • Docker-CE host
  • KVM/Libvirt installation / removal
  • wireguard
  • latest available vanilla kernels released in hours, not days if desired
  • Rolling release to make updates simple
  • Can freeze and only install security updates (Kernel stays where it is) can hold versions like KVM to prevent upstream breaking
  • Easy LAMP Server Installation for web hosting
  • Email hostingwith postfix and dovecot

Workstation – This will contain a centralized Workstation Management Tool

  • Easily install the latest version of Gnome and Libreoffice-Fresh
  • Integrate Flatpak if desired
  • Latest NVIDIA driver installation, compiled with the latest Vanilla Kernel (If driver is compatible with kernel series…)
  • Automated Steam Installation
  • Manage Wireguard as Server or Client
  • Connect to Active Directory
  • Automatic Brave Browser installation
  • Automatic Google Chrome Browser Installation
  • Compatible with Gnome Software

Currently, JCCHOME Linux is not available to the public as it is in active development.

Check back for more information at a later date.